Thank you

Dear Team McAllister supporter,

It has been a great honour to be a candidate for City Council in this election.  I am humbled by the support of over 100 community volunteers and that 3,198 residents of Capital Ward (25.15% of voters) cast their votes for me!  Thank you all for your support and trust.

Team McAllister ran an amazing campaign. We had great signs, web and social media presence, fantastic canvassers, fun sign-waves and many special events.  People came together from all political stripes, many community connections, different ages, men and women.  We made new friends, learned about community groups we didn’t know before, explored the ward and had lots of fun.  We contributed meaningfully to our community.

Because of our hard work, Capital Ward had the highest voter turnout in the city!  52.13% of eligible voters cast their ballot on E-Day.  That is an outcome we can all feel proud of!

I would like to thank David Chernushenko for his eight years of service to our community and for working with residents over that time.  Congratulations to Shawn Menard, our next Councillor, who I’m certain will dedicate himself to the Ward over the next four years.  Thank you also to Jide Afolabi and Anthony Carricato for stepping forward as candidates and offering their ideas for the ward and the city.  It was an exciting campaign for all of us!

Indulge me in a special thank you to my family:  Todd, Braeden, Mackenzie and Calum  – you are everything to me and help me be the very best person I can be.  Thank you to my mom, who, although she’s been gone for many years now, gave me everything she had.  I know she would be super proud of me.  And to my brother Brian and his family who supported me from London, Ontario.  Thanks to Valorie and Louise, my special mothers and to Todd’s parents, Burt and Jennifer, for taking care of us – especially in the last crazy week of the campaign.

Most of all, thank you Team McAllister, for pouring your heart and soul into our campaign – you canvassed, designed, talked, convinced, debate-prepped, staffed, signed, communicated and did a thousand other things that created a team and community.  You kept me going – my spirits were lifted each and every day because of all of you!

No matter who represents us at city council, it is the commitment and activism of people like you that bring the voice of the community to the halls of power.  So remember the spirit of community that drew us together – keep it going in everything you do – because at the end of the day, it really is all about building strong, welcoming and resilient communities, together.

Contribution Rebate

If you made a contribution to the campaign over $25.01, you will receive a Candidate Campaign Contribution Receipt, which includes information on how to apply for the rebate.  Note that this is not like making a political donation at the provincial or federal level, which is filed with your income taxes – you must submit the Candidate Campaign Contribution Receipt to the City of Ottawa in order to receive the rebate.

Lawn Signs

We’ve been busy removing all the lawn signs from private and public spaces.  These were all to be taken down within 48 hours of the election.  While I believe we’ve removed them all, if you happen to see a straggling sign somewhere, please take it and let me know – I’ll come and take it off your hands!

On a sad note…

I’m sure that, like me, many of you were horrified to hear of the hate-inspired events at the synagogue in Pittsburgh. While easy to feel helpless in the face of such terror, we can show our caring of and support for the Jewish community.  Here in Ottawa you can do so by expressing condolences and/or making a donation to Jewish Family Services, an organization which itself supports many newcomers to Ottawa and/or to the Jewish Federation of Ottawa.

Stay in Touch

One of the most rewarding things about having been a candidate is having met so many wonderful people.  I would love to keep in touch.  If you are involved in something and looking for a pair of hands to help, support, volunteer, donate or otherwise, please let me know.  I’ve had so much support over the past eight months – now it’s my turn to support you!  My personal email is

Let’s stay connected!



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