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My vision of Capital Ward includes engaged residents, strong communities, thriving traditional mainstreets and a sustainable future.  

Local government matters. Municipal policies and programs effect residents each and every day.  I’ve knocked on thousands of doors and met so many residents who want opportunities to be heard on  local issues and to have their perspectives reflected in local decision-making. I share the concerns that are top of mind for Capital Ward voters.  My priorities as Councillor include:

  • Engaging Capital Ward residents by actively seeking out the views of people in the community, making it easy for people to make their views known, and making myself accessible to the people of Capital Ward;

  • Bringing a financial focus to decisions put before Council to ensure wise management of the money we invest to build the community we want.

  • Building a liveable community through more responsive development with a planning process that places greater focus on community perspectives and vibrant Traditional Mainstreets;

  • Developing a complete community where everyone can thrive with opportunities to live, work and play for residents of all ages. A community that provides spaces for children, welcomes students, encourages families and supports us as we age  (this includes increasing/adding community assets such as a community centre in Heron Park, revitalizing Brewer Park and more community space in Old Ottawa East, affordable housing and more accessible transportation options);

  • Focusing on the environment and sustainability by promoting policies and actions to protect our natural environment, reduce the City’s footprint and live more lightly on the land  (this includes protecting/enhancing greenspace, trees and waterways ; transitioning to a low-carbon economy and better waste management).

Christine’s Platform