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Christine McAllister is an experienced professional with a proven commitment to the Capital Ward community.  

Dedicated to fostering community engagement

Strong background in financial management

Christine was raised in Ottawa by a single mother who was dependent on subsidized housing and a disability pension. She learned early on the value of strong, inclusive communities, because it was something lacking in her own life. As a young adult, Christine became engaged with the Business and Professional Women’s Club of Ottawa. The BPW provided Christine with friends, mentors and skills, but, most importantly, a place to belong and thrive: a community. Community building and engagement has been a key part of her life ever since. While studying for her MBA, Christine started the Women in Business club for students and joined the board of the House of Sophrosyne, a drug and alcohol treatment centre for women. She was a member of the Victoria Order of Nurses, where she contributed her skills to the management of community health care services. When moving back to Ottawa, Christine and her husband Todd settled in Capital Ward specifically because it is filled with strong communities and is a wonderful place to raise a family. 

For the past 15 years, Christine has been dedicated to fostering engagement and collaboration amongst residents of Capital Ward, while bringing diverse people together to resolve complex issues and contribute to positive outcomes for all. In 2017, her continued dedication to our community was recognized with an Ontario 150 award, which celebrated 150 local leaders for their time and effort.

Christine has participated in many local community projects and groups. From 2013-2017, she was President of the Glebe Community Association (GCA). In this role, Christine was responsible for leading the association in all respects, including providing leadership on community issues, managing the ongoing work of the association, engaging and recruiting residents to the board, committees and working groups, and representing the association to stakeholders, including local City Council officials and community associations across Capital Ward. In her role as Chair of the Education Committee for the GCA from 2009-2011, she led a community forum in a review of the overcrowding and under-enrollment in four local schools. The review ultimately resulted in an investment of provincial funds to build an addition and re-assign student populations, which ensured better facilities for students and greater resourcing at all schools. Christine was also President of the Good Morning Creative Arts & Preschool from 2010-2012, where she oversaw daily operations, including provincial operating requirements, financial management, fundraising and communications. She is a member of Ottawa Centre Refugee Action, United Way Ottawa’s Spark and previously sat on the board of the Ottawa Community Loan Fund

Professionally, Christine has a strong background in business, financial management and payments policy. She is currently Director of Modernization at Payments Canada, and has been leading the development of a real-time payments system. This new system will provide Canadians with innovative new payment options that will change the way we pay through exciting new services that are fast, reliable and convenient. In this capacity, she led a diverse team of 17 people to complete challenging tasks through open communication, collaboration and leadership, while being accountable for a $17 million budget. Previously, Christine worked as the Director for the Office of the CEO of Payments Canada leading organizational change, and led various initiatives for the Policy Division.  She holds an honours degree in Political Science from the University of Western Ontario and a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Windsor.  A complete outline of her professional background is available on Linkedin.

In her personal life, Christine is a wife and mother of three children. She is an avid canoeist, cross-country skier and runner.